Will is an interview-based book about the happiness, hope, and resilience of trans elders in rural areas.

Will began with a grant from the Awesome Foundation San Francisco, which was later supplemented by a grant from INCITE, to travel across the US interviewing trans folks over 30 in rural areas, towns, and small cities about happiness, hope, and resilience. In the two and a half months of the trip, I conducted 52 interviews with 63 people in 27 states (while working remotely full-time). When I returned, I gathered a group of 34 exceptional volunteers who together transcribed the 75 hours of audio that I collected in people's homes, town squares, favorite coffee shops, and, once, a historical graveyard. Since then, with the interviewees' full permission, I have hosted two gatherings where people could engage with the transcripts and give feedback. Ultimately, Will will be a book comprised of trans folks' writing and visual art, my writing, and found materials (e.g. the text of North Carolina's HB2, aka the bathroom bill) in addition to excerpts from the interviews themselves and art created from those interviews. This project is going to be ongoing for years; check back here for updates.