trans competency consulting/ sensitivity reading

What Are Sensitivity Reading and Consulting?

Sensitivity reading is when an expert in an underrepresented experience (in this case, transgender issues) reviews a text and makes suggestions about how to make it more inclusive and accurate. This can include suggestions about language use and phrasing, how to make ideas accessible to multiple populations, and how to make sure that content about people with specific identities is not just about but for them. Consulting is applying the same concepts to public or private spaces. It involves making sure that language is inclusive, that space is physically and emotionally safe, and that people don’t feel outside of what’s going on.

I pass no judgements on what previous knowledge you may or may not have– you’re taking a wonderful step by reaching out! I will work gently and directly with you to make sure that your work and spaces are the most inclusive they can be and that you’ll have a new understanding of how to move forward using that knowledge.

I sensitivity read for TV and film scripts, plays, non-fiction articles, short stories, website copy, and more. I do not sensitivity read for academic writing or book-length fiction or non-fiction unless they are comprised of short pieces. I consult on workshops, group events, presentations, facilitation, permanent and temporary physical spaces (such as offices and conferences), &c. I sensitivity read and consult via tracking changes on a document of yours, a write up of recommended changes including explanations, and/or a video chat or in-person meeting.


Pricing is entirely dependent on project. For sensitivity reading, please send a sample of the work and its length. For consulting, please send a description of what you’re looking for and a sample of materials if you have them already. I will respond to emails with quotes within 48 hours. For work on deadlines, please include URGENT in the subject line. If the quote is inaccessible, please let me know— we can almost always make something work.

To book or ask any questions, please use this form or email jamiebeckenstein [AT]