tarot reading

How I Read Tarot

I see tarot as a way to bring a new lens to an experience and/or emotion that you may be having. I believe that tarot works equally well if you, like me, believe that magic brings the cards that are needed to the top of the deck or if you, like many of my loved ones, believe that it’s random (or if you believe anything else!).

The way I read is by engaging with a specific question that you ask. Questions can be almost anything, but work best if they’re seeking a new way to engage with something and/or clarification on an emotion or circumstance. You’re welcome to give me as much or as little background on the circumstances surrounding your question as you’d like. I do not do predictive readings, i.e. readings that tell you what will or won’t happen in the future.

I do individual readings in-person, over video chat, and via email. I am also available for birthday parties, bachelor/ette parties, engagement parties, baby showers, divorce parties, workplace events, graduation parties, bat and bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, new moon parties, eclipse parties, &. For individual readings, I also offer annotated and unannotated playlists to further engage the themes of the readings.

It is important to note that I am not a trained mental health professional.





PARTIES: Rate dependent on circumstance (type of party, location, time, number of people, &c); please contact me for more information.

To book or ask any questions, please use this form or email jamiebeckenstein [AT]


“The first time I had a tarot session with Jamie, they did a three-card reading for me. I was new to tarot, so I appreciated that they patiently explained to me the format of the reading, why it was structured that way, and how I could engage with the topics we covered. They were warm and calm, guiding me through each step of the reading and discussing what they saw in the cards in clear and accessible language….Jamie offers myriad pathways to help [a group] relate to the cards and their messages— the artistic elements of the images on the cards, pop culture references, their own relationship to the cards, how the card is commonly interpreted, and questions the card might be prompting you to ask yourself. They offer their interpretations without judgement, checking in with you every step of the way to see if we understand or have questions.

A tarot reading session with Jamie is as much about the way you react and relate to the interpretation as it is about their interpretation itself. Their goal in reading is not to predict your future, but to offer insights as to how we can reflect on and relate to our lives— how to engage with a difficult moment, or prepare for new challenges, or rethink our relationships….I always leave a reading with them feeling more centered and more hopeful— and their readings have often been catalysts for new perspectives and important decisions in my life.” -C.W.

“Jamie’s respect for both the craft of Tarot and the querent’s individual experience can help anyone connect to the cards in a way that’s meaningful and empowering. They have taught me to approach divination with an open mind and warm heart.” -B.L.

“Jamie’s Friday afternoon group tarot readings [in our office] are healing—a regular practice of pause, reflection, and experimentation. The sessions give me an opportunity for introspection, a suggestion to try on a perspective. And Jamie manages to create this space of sharing in our office; while I love my coworkers, it’s still an office, and the environment is not easily transformed….Jamie is wont to bring in small references to their own tarot practice that make you feel as though you are practicing WITH them….They are endlessly accessible, never failing to check in on what you’re taking away. Jamie never imposes any kind of understanding; instead of providing answers, they tell a story that leads you to ask the right questions of yourself.” -A.A.