Sensitivity Readings

What is Sensitivity Reading?

Sensitivity reading is when an expert in an underrepresented experience reviews a text and makes suggestions about how to make it more inclusive and accurate. This can include suggestions about language use and phrasing, how to make ideas accessible to multiple populations, and how to make sure that content about people with certain identities is not just about but for them. Sensitivity reading is increasingly popular in publishing, but is beginning to spread to other industries. It is similar to consulting, but exclusively for text.

Relevant Experience

Hi! I’m Jamie Beckenstein. I’m a sensitivity reader and consultant specializing in trans issues. My expertise on the trans community comes from being a part of it (specifically, I am transsexual, genderqueer, and a trans man) in addition to working extensively within it (you can read more about my work with trans communities here). Additionally, I have a BA in dramaturgy from Hampshire College with a specialization in TV.

I love doing education work around trans experiences. I pass no judgements on what previous knowledge you may or may not have– you’re taking a wonderful step by finding out if sensitivity reading is right for you! I will work gently and directly with you to make sure that your work is the most inclusive it can be and that you’ll have a new understanding of how to move forward using that knowledge.

I do sensitivity reading on TV and film scripts, plays, non-fiction articles, short stories, website copy, presentations/ workshops, and academic writing. I consult on workshops, group events, presentations, facilitation, etc..

You can learn more about me and other work I’ve done here.


Sensitivity reading prices range significantly depending on the text, although usually run between $.02-$.05/ word. Consulting prices are also entirely dependent on the project, and run $20-$100/hr. Sliding scale is available for small organizations/ individual projects. Emails will be responded to with quotes within 48 hours. If you are seeking sensitivity reading, please send a sample of the work in your initial email and specify if you’d like just a document with changes tracked, a write up of recommended changes including explanations, and/or a video chat where we can discuss in greater depth. For journalism work on deadlines, please include SR: URGENT in the subject line.

To book or ask any questions, please use this form or email jamiebeckenstein [AT]