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Pop Tarot


Pop Tarot

Welcome to Pop Tarot, a newsletter fusing tarot and pop culture. This weird weekly adventure will be a deep dive on each of the 78 tarot cards through the lens of one or more scenes, characters, settings &c from TV, movies, books— you get the drift.

Each newsletter will come with a playlist designed to invoke the card. Your mileage will vary depending on music taste (I lean towards pop and what my roommates call “please turn down that crushingly sad shit”), but I hope there’ll be something in there for everyone, and I’m always open to suggestions.

Pop Tarot will update every Monday. The last Monday of every month will be a public post; the rest will be subscriber only. Subscriptions are $5/month, $50/year. When you subscribe, you can send me the receipt and get a personal reading at 15% off, and if you subscribe for a year, you can have one for 25% off.

You can follow @PopTarotCards on Twitter and Instagram for general fun, updates about when and where I’ll be reading in NYC, and specials on my online readings.

Welcome aboard!